CTI PRO38 Starter Kit

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This CTI reloadable motor set consists of two casings (P38-3G and P38-6G), two P38-SP spacers and one Pro38-DAT tool for delay adjustment.

It is a very convenient solution because it allows you to use all reloads from 1G to 6G with just two casings. By using one or two of the P38-SP spacers included in the set you can obtain the following combinations:

Reload Casing Spacers
1G P38-3G 2 x P38-SP
2G P38-3G 1 x P38-SP
3G P38-3G --
4G P38-6G 2 x P38-SP
5G P38-6G 1 x P38-SP
6G P38-6G --

With these two casings only, you can then use "G", "H", "I" and "J" reloads (C.A.R HPR Level 1 certification is needed to use H reloads, HPR Level 2 certification to use I reloads, HPR Level 3 Certification to use J reloads)

Cesaroni Pro38 reloadable motors are very simple to use. You just have to choose the reload you need, adjust the delay according to your needs using the Pro38-DAT tool included in this set, insert it into the casing and screw the rear closure. You will not need any closure as they are both already included in every reload. After each flight it will be sufficient to remove the reload residues and throw them away. The engine can be used an infinite number of times.

Cesaroni reloadable motors can be cleaned very easily after each flight by simply passing a damp cloth inside them, because the reloads do not leave resistant residues after use.

The set includes:

  • Casing P38-3G
  • Casing P38-6G
  • 2x P38-SP spacers
  • Pro38-DAT delay adjustment tool