Loc Precision PHOENIX 4"

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LOC 4" Phoenix - At 42.5″ tall, all the custom laser cut components are included in the box to build it strong and legit! Featuring factory pre-slotted airframe, through-the-wall fin construction and high power motor capabilities. The Phoenix is a fantastic jump into high power.  This version sports a 38mm motor mount and will accept 29mm adapters (sold separately). Multi-Slot fins, decals, rail guides and recovery are standard. Flies on G-H motors.

 *using larger motors MAY require the addition of nose weight! ALWAYS sim your specific build before flight! 



Complexity: Intermediate
Diameter: 4″
Height: 42.5
Weight: 3lbs.
Motor Mount: 38mm
Parachute Size: 36" 
Shock Cord Type: NW-15 15' 3/8″ Nylon with sewn loops
Shock Cord Mount: SCM-3 Eyebolt
Fin Thickness: 1/8″
Ring Thickness: 1/8″ x3 - 1/4" FWD x1
Instructions: Yes
Decals: Yes