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North Coast Rocketry is proud to release the Corporalā„¢, our interpretation of the historic US Army surface to surface missile.

The MGM-5 Corporal missile was a nuclear-armed tactical surface-to-surface missile. The first U.S. Army Corporal battalion was deployed in Europe in 1955 and remained in the field until 1964.

The NCR Corporal is designed to be easy to assembly and fly majestically. The long, lean lines of the design allow it to fly straight up to altitudes of almost 1,750 feet on an Aerotech G80 motor. This is the fourth version of this kit to be released by Matt Steele, so you can tell he really likes the way it flies!

The kit features laser cut plywood fins, a slotted heavy-wall body tube, detailed "peel and stick" decal markings, plywood centering rings, plastic nose cone, and the heavy duty GorillaTMĀ shock cord system. A cutting guide is also included to make cutting the rounded leading edge of the balsa conduits easier and more precise.

The Corporal also includes the NCR Quick Link that makes untangling the shock cord after each flight much easier!

The kit is 2.64" in diameter, 58" long, and weighs 24 ounces.Ā 

Suggested motors are the Aerotech F42T-4, F52C-5, G54W-6, G71R-7, G75W-6, G76G-7, G77R-7, G78G-7, and G80NT-7.


Recovery :Ā  Ā 36" Parachute not-includedĀ Ā