SDR - 3D Printed Charge Wells - 5.0 gram (2)

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These are 5.0 Gram Charge Wells used for Black Power charges for Dual Deployment.  These are very durable 3D Printed wells and provide a quick cheap solution that can use used on various electronic bay bulkheads!

These come in ONE PAIR of wells with 1.5mm hex screws.  These should fit on most 1/4" thick bulkheads.

One More Note: 
The color of the sleds, carriers, and charge wells may vary and are not yet available by choice.  The screws provided will require a HEX 1.5mm driver.

The components are made of PLA+ filament.  They are robust enough to use on any type of bulkhead to hold the amount of BP required for your deployment work!

SDR Avionics Bay components and electronics sleds are designed and built by Terry Dancer, an actual rocketeer. Terry and many others have used these components on numerous occasions and flights with great success. These flights have tested the reliability, strength, and function in flights close to Mach 3 and altitudes of 32k ft AGL. Whether your flight is low and slow or fast and high, the SDR sleds have something for anyone's needs.