Everdon Rocketry EV3.2 USA Edition. "L.O.T.F" kit 3" L1 Kit

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EV 3.2. 3" kit

L.O.T.F. short for Land Of The Free. Is your go to American Patriotic kit!

Bright blue decal with Red and Blue Stars 

We are proud to offer this beautiful kit made from high quality Loc tubing and nosecone. This kit was design on a modular system. As time goes on. Different model of this rocket will be available under different flavors.

If a particular inlay and theme is desired, we can provide as theses kits are cut inhouse.

the L1 kit comes with everything you need to launch for your Certifications

38mmt Version


Complexity: Intermediate-Advanced
Diameter: 3.1″
Height: 57.5"
Weight: 1.86 lbs 
Motor Mount: 38mm
Parachute Size: top flight 36¨ parachute 
Shock Cord Type: 15' 3/8″ Nylon with sewn loops
Shock Cord Mount: eyebolt x2 
Fin Thickness: 1/8″
Ring Thickness: 1/4″
Instructions: no
Vinyl Decals: Yes

also included 1010 Rail buttons & Everdon Rocketry 3d printed Retainer ( 38mm )

G80  approx 1570 feet

H225 approx 2880 feet

I287 approx 4241 feet