Loc Precision Caliber ISP kit 3" L1 Kit

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Caliber ISP 3"

the L1 kit comes with everything you need to launch for your Certifications

54mmt Version

The Caliber ISP is one of the ISP PERFORMANCE SERIES of kits, which feature factory pre-slotted airframe and through-the-wall fin construction and high power motor capabilities, the CALIBER ISP is a light weight, high power performer. The 54mm motor mount is great for Level 1 motors. An Aerotech J-90 motor puts this kit out of sight - try one out if your field can handle it. It is a very cool flight! (and sometimes a long walk)  This at-home rocket kit flies great on a variety of G, H and I motors using the optional MMA-3 (for 29mm motors) or MMA adapter (for 38mm motors) motor mount adapter. 


Complexity: Intermediate-Advanced
Diameter: 3.1″
Height: 59.5"
Weight: 2.3lbs.
Motor Mount: 54mm
Parachute Size: 36" parachute 
Shock Cord Type: 15' 3/8″ Nylon with sewn loops
Shock Cord Mount: Eyebolt
Fin Thickness: 1/8″
Ring Thickness: 1/4″
Instructions: Yes

also included 1010 Rail buttons & Everdon Rocketry 3d printed Retainer ( 38mm )