Loc Precision NIKE ZEUS 5.5"

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5.5" NIKE ZUES is here! Stock 75mm motor mount. Easily adaptable down to 54mm or even 38mm with additionalĀ motor mount adaptors.Ā Construction details include a fin to ring system that assures alignment is a breeze and sturdier than ever. You can build the motor fin can out side the airframe, with some modification to the airframe, and slide it up the booster. Epoxy in, apply small external fillets and done! We offer this kit with no recovery, full recovery OR full dual deployment. Something for everyone we hope. 46" booster, 34" payload and 21.5" long cone. New 5/8" tubular nylon Y Harness included in recovery option selections.

  • Kit+Recovery:Ā Complete kit, includes 25ā€² tubular nylon with sewn loops and 60ā€³ parachute.


Complexity:Ā Advanced
Diameter:Ā 5.54ā€³
Height:Ā 101" / 102" Dual Deploy Kit due to the switch band
Weight:Ā 10lbs No Recovery Kit | 11lbs Standard Kit | 14lbs Dual Deploy Kit
Motor Mount:Ā 28" x 75mm withĀ MR-1Ā Z-Clip motor retention
Parachute Size:Ā 60ā€³ Standard KitĀ 
Shock Cord Type:Ā 5/8 Tubular Y Harness and 1x25' Standard Kit
Fin Thickness:Ā 3/8ā€³
Ring Thickness:Ā 1/4ā€³ LOC-N Ring
Launch Pad:Ā RB-1000Ā for 10 series rails
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