Loc Precision T-LOC 7.5"

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BIG T-LOC is here! Outside fin stabilizer makes this a super straight shot! 30" + 15" airframes are recommended to be epoxied with coupler to make a 45" booster. This big short model rocket kit includes a 75mm motor mount with included 54mm adaptor. With big short rockets, dual deployment or even an electronics bay has always been a challenge. Solved! New electronics bay hatch allows for 75mm motors to be flown without delay/ejection. Add your favorite electronics and wire the ejection charge to the FWD ring. Wiring holes lasered in the Mid and FWD rings. Add a Jolly Logic Chute Release for true dual deployment flights. Go bigger and go long burn motors, go smaller and go fast and in your face! Including rail guides, motor retention, vinyl decal and more! Great versatile kit you can have fun with. Fly a J for certification Level 2 with a short walk. Available with or without recovery. No recovery option = no parachute, shock cord or harness. K motors may require the use of additional nose weight.

***Please refer to your altimeter manufacturers instruction manual and drill the recommended vent holes in hatch bay cover!!!***

Complexity: Advanced
Diameter: 7.5″
Height: 66.5"
Weight: 10.5lbs
Motor Mount: 75mm x17" / 54mm x17" Adaptor
Parachute Size: 60″ Ripstop Nylon**Colors are random**
Shock Cord Type: 5/8" x 4' Y Harness, TN-25 Tubular Nylon with sewn loops
Shock Cord Mount: SCM-4 U Bolts
Motor Retention:MR-1
Launch Pad: 1500 series rail guides
Fin Thickness: 1/4″ LOC-N-Fin/Ring
Ring Thickness: 1/4″
Electronics Bay:
 Yes! Ebay hatch cut between fins
Instructions: No - LOC Custom kit = Advanced users have their own flavor of builds.
Decal: Yes, logo decal only 

Recommended Motors: I - K