Loc Precision WOLVERINE 5.5"

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The Wolverine is one of the oldest LOC/Precision model rocket kits for beginners and we’re bringing it back to life with some modern upgrades! While the original version used a short cone and 38mm mount.  We thought that the longer cone and a 54MMT would serve better today!  With LOC-n-fin style construction, fire blanket and motor retention all included, this is an excellent kit for level 1 or level 2 certification! H-K impulse - the 4" series of LOC-N-Ring Adaptors will bolt right up for 38mm and 29mm flights!


Complexity: Entry Level
Diameter: 5.5″
Height: 55"
Weight: 5.25lbs.
Motor Mount: 54mm
Parachute Size: 50″ Ripstop Nylon**Colors are random**
Shock Cord Type: NW-20 20' 3/8″ Nylon with sewn loops
Shock Cord Mount: SCM-3
MR-1 motor retention
10 series rail guides
recovery blanket
Fin Thickness: 1/4″
Ring Thickness: 1/4″
Instructions: Yes
Decals: Yes