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RED ALERT! RED ALERT! The Sudden Rush is back in the limelight! We were driven to rework this kit to be a fully optioned, dual deploy capable stunner straight out of the box. With the included 54mm HAMR retainer with 38 and 29mm adapters, you have full motor versatility--from low and slow to merely a vapor trail in the camera eye!

‚ÄĘ Pre-slotted phenolic¬†airframe
‚ÄĘ Plastic nosecone
‚Äʬ†Urethane tail cone

‚ÄĘ 54mm motor mount
‚ÄĘ 54mm HAMR retainer with 38 & 29mm adapters
‚Äʬ†Kevlar tether with sewn loop
‚ÄĘ .093 G-10 fiberglass fins
‚ÄĘ Rail guides for 10/10 launch rails
‚Äʬ†Electronics bay
‚ÄĘ 48" Dura-chute main & 18" drogue parachutes
‚Äʬ†TN-18 shock cords
‚ÄĘ Fire resistant blankets
‚Äʬ†Plastic rivets to attach nosecone

‚Äʬ†Vinyl logo decal



Diameter: 3.1" | Height: 70" | MMT: 54mm
Parachute: 48" main & 18" drogue | Payload: 14"
Fin Array: 3 | Fin Thickness: 0.093" 

The SUDDEN RUSH is an overall great and versatile kit for Level 1 and 2 flights. This rocket stands 66" tall, is 3.1" in diameter and has a 3 fin design. This rocket comes standard with a 54mm HAMR retainer with 38 & 29mm adapters, and can fly on H thru J motors. At ~72 oz., the 48" main & 18" drogue parachute is sized right for a safe landing under most field conditions. This kit comes standard with rail guides for use with 10/10 launch rails.